GFI is an interdisciplinary team of researchers bridging hydrologic science, ecology, geoscience, economics and institutional analysis. We work with scholars, water managers, public and private decision-makers and nongovernmental organizations to identify viable solutions to water challenges throughout the world.


Steven Gorelick Director, Global Freshwater Initiative; Senior Fellow Stanford Woods Institute for the Environment and Cyrus F. Tolman Professor, Environmental Earth System Science, Stanford University
Scott Rozelle Co-Director, Global Freshwater Initiative; Professor & Helen F. Farnsworth Senior Fellow, Shorenstein Asia Pacific Research Center, Freeman Spogli Institute, Stanford University
Barton Thompson, Jr. Co-Director, Global Freshwater Initiative; Perry L. McCarty Director of the Stanford Woods Institute for the Environment and Robert E. Paradise Professor of Natural Resources Law, School of Law, Stanford University
Scott Fendorf Scott Fendorf Senior Fellow, By Courtesy - Stanford Woods Institute for the Environment; Professor - Environmental Earth System Science

Postdoctoral Scholars

Jim Yoon Postdoctoral Scholar


Bushra Bataineh Graduate Affiliate