Water Security

Stanford-led project in Jordan, a country that traditionally serves as a stabilizing force in the Middle East, holds promise for better water management and less conflict in arid regions around the world.

Arsenic in Asia

In Southern Asia, an estimated 100 million people have been exposed to risks from groundwater contaminated with naturally occurring arsenic.

Chennai India

In 2003-2004, Chennai’s reservoirs went completely dry; the piped supply system was virtually shut down for almost a year. The entire city was supplied by “mobile supply”, utility run tankers that went from neighborhood to neighborhood delivering a lifeline supply of water.

Yaqui Valley

The fertile Yaqui Valley produces 40 percent of Mexico’s wheat. In 2004, an eight-year period of low rainfall caused all three surface-water reservoirs to dry up. Wheat production dropped to zero. Our research team studied the impacts of the crippling drought.


The Global Freshwater Initiative will develop implementable strategies to promote the long-term viability of freshwater supplies for people and ecosystems threatened by climate change, shifts in land use, increasing population, and decaying infrastructure.